Capital Valley Futbol Club

CVFC Competitive Program 2020 - 2021



Welcome to CVFC Competitive Soccer! 

This season we will be doing things a little differently due to the COVID 19 situation.  At this time we are only asking for your player's information, parents' contact information, name of the coach your player will be playing for this season. Instead of paying in full for registration, we are asking for a $50.00 fee to be paid to hold your player's spot on the team.  Once we have the go-ahead to get out on the field we will ask for you to do a full registration in the system and to pay the balance of the registration fee. 

We hope to have answers soon but please be assured that if the season is cancelled prior to the start date of August 1st we will be issuing you a full refund.  If the season is cancelled at any time during the year due to COVID 19 we will be issuing pro-rated refunds to parents. 

While we are waiting for the go-ahead there are a few things for you to start getting together for a full registration once we open the system fully. 

1.  We play competitive under NorCal and they are a separate entity from our Cal North Soccer program.  You will need to register under NorCal as if you are a first time player to the league.

2.  The player's name must be spelled identically to the birth certificate which you will be required to upload if you are new to the competitive system. If your player has a nickname they can let their coach know to use that name during the season but for registration, we must go by the legal name on the birth certificate.

3.  We communicate through the email provided to us during the registration process so please make sure to use an email that you receive your regularly.

4.  We also will be using a form of communication called Team Snap to get information out to parents and our players.  Notifications will be sent through mobile text so please make sure that we have the correct number listed for you to receive notifications.

5.  Please make sure that you fill in the correct birthdate that matches the birth certificate.  When we have names or birthdates in the system that don't match the birth certificate exactly they are denied in the system.

6.  You will be asked to upload a photo of your player.  This photo needs to be a headshot only, in color, no sunglasses, no hats, no emojis, a full-frontal picture is needed.  We can't go into the system to crop, rotate, edit the picture so please make sure that your photo uploads correctly.





Please direct questions regarding coaches and team info to:

Patty Moore

Co Registrar