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CVFC Competitive Soccer Program

Why Join CVFC Comp program?

While recreation soccer provides a great opportunity for a child and/or parent to access the youth soccer experience and participate in it for 3-4 months each year, the competitive soccer commitment is a little bit different.  

Typically competitive soccer is an12-month program for the U9, U10 , U11, U12, U13 and U14 age group or a 10-month program for the olders (Age U15+). The more opportunities you have while doing something, the more you practice it or try it the chances are you will become better at it. Our 8-10 month program is no different. No doubt you could be very good at something while only doing it for three months out of the year but you just might get even better if you were passionate enough about it to commit to it year-round. Earning playtime in our program is based on effort, commitment, hard work and attitude.  

Our program offers year round training opportunities with professional coaches and trainers that have a strong background in coaching education and experience.  The focus of CVFC is to develop each individual players knowledge and skills of the game in a learning environment.


Register For Tryouts Here

Tryouts are always free to attend. Please let us know your player plans on attending by filling out an interest form. We will email you a player release form that your player needs to have filled out prior to tryouts.