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Training will start between mid-July to Aug 1st and will be two nights a week.  The times and location of training will not be known until mid-July after coaches are lined up for the teams.  Games will be played on Saturdays starting at the end of August and will run through mid-November. 


Registration Cost is as follows:

$135.00 for Early Bird Registration thru May 15th.

$145.00  Registration from May 16th through June 15th

$175.00 Late registration after June 15th. We cannot guarantee placement on a team after June 15th.

There is a multiple-child discount, but you should register all siblings before making your choice on the number of players at the end.  This will give you an automatic discount on the number of siblings you have registered. 

Volunteer Fee
We have a $40 per family volunteer fee. Once you have completed 4 hours of volunteer work, this fee will be refunded. Coaches are already volunteering way more than 4 hours, and are exempt from this fee for their children.

CVFC Fall Academy - Registration


We divide the fall session into two different locations.

  • Del Paso Manor Elementary location will be gin Monday August 7th, and operates Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Sylvan Middle School location will begin Tuesday August 8th, and operates Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

At registration you may select either Carmichael Area (Del Paso Manor) or Citrus Heights Area (Sylvan Middle School) as your preference.

For the first practice we advise parents to arrive 15 minutes early to check in and pick up their players jersey.

  • U6 players should arrive by about 4:45
  • U8 Players should arrive at about 5:45

Players will get divided up into different groups to work with our trainers and our volunteer coaches. We will play 2-3 different fun games, for about 30 minutes. After that, players will scrimmage together, led by our volunteer coaches. The total training time will be about an hour.

Parents/ Guardians, we need your help! Please come and be ready to help us with the sessions! Our goal is to be able to train you and get you ready for coaching the players when they reach u10 and begin playing on  teams in the coming years.

Both location time for trainings are as follows

  • Start date: August 7th
  • End date: October 19th
  • Hours:
    • U6 - 5:00-5:45 PM (4 and 5-year-olds)
    • U8 - 6:00- 7:00 PM (6 and 7-year-olds)

Competitive Soccer

While recreation soccer provides a great opportunity for a child and/or parent to access the youth soccer experience and participate in it for 3-4 months each year, the competitive soccer commitment is a little bit different.  

Typically competitive soccer is an12-month program for the U9, U10 , U11, U12, U13 and U14 age group or a 10-month program for the olders (Age U15+). The more opportunities you have while doing something, the more you practice it or try it the chances are you will become better at it. Our 8-10 month program is no different. No doubt you could be very good at something while only doing it for three months out of the year but you just might get even better if you were passionate enough about it to commit to it year-round. Earning playtime in our program is based on effort, commitment, hard work and attitude.  

Our program offers year round training opportunities with professional coaches and trainers that have a strong background in coaching education and experience.  The focus of CVFC is to develop each individual players knowledge and skills of the game in a learning environment.

CFVC Home Field Locations

Cap Valley FC Boundaries

The boundaries of the CVFC encompasses the former club boundaries of Capital Valley United, Carmichael Soccer Club, Citrus Heights Soccer Club, La Sierra Soccer Club and Mission El Camino Soccer Club. The boundary can be seen below with the exclusion of Saint John’s Soccer Club, which is encompassed by the CVFC.

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Congratulations to our ‘08 Competitive Girls Team, Crossfire. They beat Davis Legacy Soccer Club 4-1 to advance to the Quarter Finals of State Cup for the Gold Division. 



Congratulations to Competitive 09 Boys Team, Blackhawks. They just finished their fall season as champions! 
They had 7 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss.
Great job boys and Coaches!

CVFC U16 Wild Angels

Congratulations to CVFC’s U16G Wild Angels and Coaches. They took home first place in the Bay Area Tournament this weekend!

CVFC U16 Wild Angels

Congratulations to the the U16 Wild Angels on being Back-to-Back Champions for the the NorCal Super Rec Cup!

Blackhawks 09

Congratulations to our Blackhawks 09 team for taking 2nd place this last weekend at the Elk Grove Ghost Games Tournament.  Way to go boys and Coach Cox!

CVFC U14 Wild Angels

Congratulations to our U14 girls for taking 1st place at The At The Break Tournament in Roseville.  Way to go girls and Coach Andrea Moore!


Congratulations to our 08 Crossfire team for taking 1st place at the MVLA Bay Area Cup this last weekend! Way to go girls and Coach Rosales!

CVFC Partners and Sponsors

CVFC Mission and Vision

Mission (the core of what we offer and who we serve):

We serve all youth in our community by providing the best possible soccer experience with diverse opportunities that give all our children a chance to play and grow from where they are to where they want to be.

Vision (aspirational: what we want to be in the future): 

To be the premier soccer organization in our community where all youth can find a place to play: from entry level to the most advanced levels of play. To have players and their families enjoy a safe, fun and affordable experience while falling in love with the game!

What are our values? 

  • Putting fun first- inspiring a passion for the game guarantees players will want more
  • Making coach education our highest priority investment- better coaches=more fun= better players

  • Providing options and pathways (levels, timing, type of Soccer) for every player, coach, and referee

  • Low cost- everyone can play- find sponsors to help bring down cost/offer financial assistance to families in need

  • Organized administration of our soccer program to ensure easy and efficient participation

  • Being an engaged and proud member of our community

  • Excellence in communications

A New Beginning for Capital Valley Soccer with Capital Valley Futbol Club

Hello Soccer Parents!

Five clubs in our area have become one in order to create the Capital Valley utbol Club (CVFC). The clubs that are forming this new partnership include: Capital Valley United, Carmichael Soccer Club, Citrus Heights Soccer Club, La Sierra Soccer Club, and Mission El Camino Soccer Club. This partnership will strengthen the soccer experience for our players and coaches at all levels of play! Here’s what to expect from this new partnership: 

Things that won’t change: 

  • Teams will be formed the same way. You can stay with the team you are on now. Recreational teams are formed based on location, school, request, etc. 

  • Coaches will be the same

  • Practice and game field locations will all be in the same geographical area.  During the registration process you will be asked to choose the area you would like to participate in: Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Foothill Farms, La Sierra, Mission El Camino.  Practices and games will be held in all these areas within CVFC.

  • Recreational fees will be competitive with what they are now

  • Competitive fees are being  kept low compared to others within the Sacramento area.  While at the same time we have added more (training opportunities, coach education) to our competitve program.

Things that will change: 

  • We will have a new name: Capital Valley Futbol Club

  • Our new logo is shown above

  • New uniforms!  Uniform packages can be found under the competitive and recreational tab.

  • Increased coach education to make our coaches even better

  • Increased opportunities for player development to get the best of each player

  • More opportunities to play throughout the year

  • Better connection between our recreational and competitive programs, giving our players more options to find the best fit for their interest and skill level

We are still the same clubs that you have enjoyed throughout the years, only now under one name and even better!



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